9 Ways to Achieve Customer Loyalty 

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1 – Offer the best

The best way to please customers and ensure their business in the future is to offer them the very best you can. Make sure your product or service is something they value. Make sure that your employees and you are friendly, inviting, and helpful.

2 – Be friendly

Customers love to ask a million questions before purchasing; it could be important questions or it could be, what employees think are “stupid questions”. No matter what the customer is asking or wants, you should always answer with kindness and try to help them the best to your abilities.

A smile goes a long way, and if a customer feels appreciated and that the employee they are dealing with is friendly, than they are more likely to continue doing business with them.

3 – Be flexible

Consumers usually expect products or services whenever they want or need it. They aren’t concerned about schedules or product availability because they expect you to have openings and inventory. This is an easier step to take if you offer a service. Say you operate a lawn mowing business from Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm, but a customer contacts you during the weekend and would like their lawn mowed. If this is a valued customer than try to be flexible with your schedule and get it done on their time. The customer should appreciate your hard work and dedication and result in more business from them.

4 – Offer incentives

No matter how hard you try to perfect your product or service there will be people who want to return an item and get their money back. Be sure to hear these customers out and try to understand where they are coming from. It’s best to offer them an incentive for their troubles, unless it’s an outrageous request or compliant.

5 – Don’t ignore existing customers

Some businesses will offer different promotions every month or at certain times in the year. It could also be something like “Sign up today and receive 20% off!”

Although that is a great way to engage new customers, it’s important to remember your existing ones. Maybe offer them a promotion when they have been doing business with you for a couple months or at the 6 months mark. Obviously your promotions will vary and the time will depend on your business.

6 – Get their email

By getting the customers contact information you can keep them updated with new things your business is doing, new promotions, and keep in contact with them. However, stay clear of spamming their emails!

7 – Ask for feedback

Asking for customer feedback is a great way to make the customer feel valued. Asking in person or a phone call to see how they enjoyed your product will have the customer feeling like their purchase was important to you. Not to mention, you will receive some valuable feedback to help improve your product or service.

Asking for feedback can create customer loyalty, but it’s important to note that you don’t harass and annoy them. Don’t leave endless voicemails and emails.

You could also ask them to complete a survey and often a discount or deal that will benefit them.

8 – Be active on social media

A lot of consumers are active on social media. They may post things to the internet like “Just had the best meal at …” or it could be something negative like “bought this product today and must warn everyone to save their money”. If you are active on social media you can thank the customers who praise your business, and you can apologize and explain or offer something to the negative feedback you might receive.

As well as, promote your business on social media and reply to customers quickly, this will likely result in better customer loyalty.

9 – Create a sense of community

Customers will value your business and stay loyal if you can make them feel valued and that their business is very important to you. If you can create a sense of community and make them feel involved, than they will likely stay loyal and praise your business to new customers. Match names to faces and keep in contact. Also, if you have any business events, you should send them an invite!

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