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Makin' Lemonade

Makin’ Lemonade with Ava from Burin Seaside Slime

Makin’ Lemonade is our new blog series where we interview Youth Ventures participants on what inspired them to start their business, their biggest challenges, their successes and their dreams for their ventures.

Today we are chatting with Ava from Burin Seaside Slime based in Marystown, NL.


What is your business name?

Burin Seaside Slime

Tell us about your business. 

My business is about textures, trying new things, being creative, and having fun! I experiment daily with new recipes (mixtures of glue, coloring, conditioner, creams, sparkles, texture beads etc.) to develop new products.

Why did you start your business?

My product was initially developed for children on the Autism Spectrum as a sensory tool, a way to help these children explore new textures through touch. Quickly I realized that all kids LOVED slime and that there were many other uses for slime, such as an exercise tool for individuals who have lost hand/ finger strength, as well as a great cleaning tool for small spaces for example keyboards or car controls.

My business started as a hobby because I love trying new things, and I especially love different textures; sticky, squishy, and fluffy. As I created Slime I began getting a lot of interest from my family and friends who thought that what I was developing was unique, I thought this was a great opportunity to share my hobby with others.

How did Youth Ventures help? 

Youth Ventures helped me with my branding. Lesleeanne created new logos; for posters, businesses cards, labels for my products and for my Instagram Page. Youth Ventures is helping promote my business to others.

What is your dream for your venture?

My Dream is to continue to grow my business. I want to show youth that “if you dream it, anything is possible”.

What do you enjoy most about owning your own business? 

What I enjoy most about my business is making the products and seeing the client’s faces when they try Slime for the first time.

What were  the greatest challenges in getting started?

My greatest challenge has been in perfecting the products. I’m pretty picky and I always want to ensure clients are getting the best product possible. I continually try new ingredients, measurements and quantity, mixtures to test better consistency of product.

What has been your biggest success so far? 

My biggest success so far has been the young girl who contacted me, when I was only 3 weeks in to my business venture, through my Instagram page. She said I inspired her to start her own business. I felt really good about helping another youth realize their dream.

Do you have any advice for future entrepreneurs? 

My advice for future entrepreneurs is that you are never to young to realize your dream, create a great idea and start a business. Hey, look at ME!

What’s next for your business? 

Next up for my business is to keep growing, marketing my product, and building new clients. Hoping some day soon to be able to sell online.

People can find Burin Seaside Slime on Instagram:


To view and sample product at: Extreme Pita Burin



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