Makin’ Lemonade with Cakes by Two Peas in a Pod

Makin’ Lemonade is our new blog series where we interview Youth Ventures participants on what inspired them to start their business, their biggest challenges, their successes and their dreams for their ventures.

Today we are chatting with Cora and Devyn from Cakes by Two Peas in a Pod based in Grand Falls-Windsor, NL.



What is your business name?

Cakes By Two Peas In A Pod

Tell us about your business.

We create unique and delicious custom cakes and cupcakes for any occasion. We have our own invention, Cake Truffles. It is cake mixed in with buttercream and covered in chocolate. They are our bestsellers.

Why did you start your business?

Our business started with the love of baking and cooking. We were always making treats for friends and family and decided to share our talent with everyone. Enjoying what you do while making people happy is an amazing feeling.


How did Youth Ventures help?

Youth Venture is an amazing program. They give you advice on how to contain orders and get publicity. Also giving you opportunities to sell your products such as town events, fundraisers and farmers markets. They are helping us a lot. Every few weeks we have a meeting and discuss what we want to do and upcoming events.

What is your dream for your venture?

Our dream is to someday open up our own restaurant called Two Peas In A Pod and Bakery. We’ve always had an interest in cooking and baking unique creations. We also want to open up a barbecue style restaurant called Eat like a Hogg with two g’s after our last name.

Tell us about you experience with competing in the Skills Canada competitions. 

Competing in the Skills Canada competitions was an amazing experience. We got to meet other very talented chefs and share our experiences with each other. It was great knowing when we talked to them they knew what we were talking about. Sometimes kids don’t have a clue what julienned vegetables mean, or what gum paste is. Thanks to one person we were inspired to participate in Skills Canada. Emma Power is an alumni Skills Canada participant. She inspired us to create our own business like she did, she had a cake baking business when she was our age. While participating with Skills Canada she accomplished great things. She is a role model, teacher and great friend. Skills Canada definitely inspired our cooking adventure. We got to meet some of the best chefs in St. Johns. 2 years before we entered in Skills Canada, we participated in a kids cooking camp in P.E.I. at the Holland College. We learned how to cook cuisine from all over the world. We look forward to competing with Skills Canada again this fall.


What do you enjoy most about owning your own business?

Honestly, the best thing is knowing you own it, that it’s yours. Having the responsibility of maintaining it is a great experience for kids our age. Sometimes, it gets stressful, but it only makes us stronger. We always have each other’s backs. We are lucky we have each other.

What were the greatest challenges in getting started?

Going into it, we knew cake supplies would be expensive, but once we started we didn’t make a lot of money due to costs. We would go through about 5 blocks of butter a week, sometimes 10. Boxes, cake boards, cupcake boxes and supplies are extremely expensive. We know this year being our first year we won’t make as much as we would if it were our third year. Getting started was very stressful but we are happy it’s over. We are now stocked up on everything, but essential baking needs will never be stocked up. Having Emma give us her cake supplies was a huge advantage and got us off to a good start.

What has been you biggest success so far?

Seeing how many people have been supporting us and our business and learning something while improving with every cake we do is our biggest success. We went from just our parent’s friends knowing about our business to all of Grand Falls.

Do you have any advice for future entrepreneurs?

We would say that doing what you love is the most important things. If you don’t like what you are doing, you won’t enjoy it. Having someone to look up to is great. Always know that school comes first. You have to manage your time wisely. If you have a dream it’s important to get good grades so you can go to the university you want to after high school. It’s hard for us to turn down orders due to exams, but they respect that we know school comes first. It shows a sense of maturity.


What’s next for your business?

We are hoping our birthday parties will be a hit, and are looking forward to attending farmers markets and events. By the end of this year we hope to accomplish over 100 orders. We are already half way there.

How can people buy or book your services?

People can buy our products by Facebook messaging or emailing If you would like to book one of our birthday parties, people will have to email us.

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