Meet Allanah

The Mermaid Yogi


Meet Allanah

The Mermaid Yogi

Sometimes the smallest idea can turn into the biggest opportunity, says 22-year-old Allanah, who built The Mermaid Yogi on wanting to inspire children to be more physically active.

Allanah, who is studying at Memorial University to become a speech pathologist, came to Youth Ventures looking for support, and a year later she’s still running a successful business, teaching yoga to youth throughout the Northeast Avalon Region.

A typical yoga class with children starts when Allanah and her 70-year-old grandmother enter the room. The group does partner poses, learns how to take yoga with them throughout their lives, and even – to the amazement of many parents – has the children meditate at the end of each class.

And Allanah is certain none of this would be possible without Youth Ventures.

Youth Ventures is an initiative helping youth between 12 and 29 start and operate their own businesses.

Youth Ventures helped Allanah build a business plan; create business cards, advertising, and signage; to participate in events, and how to reinvest in her business. She says they even helped her focus on work-life balance so she could be her most successful self.

Youth Ventures also matches young business start ups with a mentor, who will help them understand how a business works and overcome challenges. Allanah became good friends with her mentor and they remain close. She credits her mentor with always pushing her a little bit further than she thought possible to achieve her goals.

What’s next for The Mermaid Yogi? Allanah plans to continue her studies, become a speech language pathologist, and incorporate yoga and behavioural therapy to help as many children in her community as possible.

If you have an idea you’re passionate about, get in touch with Youth Ventures and let us help you bring it to life.

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