Meet Collette

Throw Your Glitter and Knick Knack Newfie

As social media has increasingly become the basis for communication, especially among young people, Collette Garland saw an opportunity. With a desire to inspire and encourage people around her to have more meaningful, authentic connections, she created Throw Your Glitter, a business that creates creative greeting cards for any occasion!

Like so many new young entrepreneurs, she knew she had that creative, hard-working spirit to succeed, but creating a business? Where do you even start?!

She says that Youth Ventures gave her the opportunity to be creative, refine her vision, make mistakes, and access resources needed to really get her idea off the ground. With our guidance, she created a blog that explores current, relevant issues that she cares about. And her business was so successful that it inspired a spin-off company, Knick Knack Newfie, which sells carved gifts inspired by Newfoundland sayings. How cool is that!

Her advice to young people thinking about starting a business? Simply go for it.

Keep up the amazing work, Collette!

Want to learn more about Collette and her business? Check her out on Facebook @throwyourglitter, and on Instagram @throw_your_glitter.

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