Meet Nathan

Nathan Ryan Photography

Growing up in Ferryland on Newfoundland’s Southern Shore, Nathan Ryan has always been inspired by the outdoors. With tourism booming in his hometown, he saw a big opportunity, and created Nathan Ryan Photography!

Clearly, he had the vision and hard-working spirit, but according to Nathan, there were some big obstacles at the start. With our help, he made it happen.

After some huge success at craft fairs across the province, he’s already got his sights set on the future, with a particular interest in doing some aerial photography, and even incorporating drones into his photography.

Nathan has some advice for young people looking to building a business:

We couldn’t agree more, Nathan! Youth Ventures is always ready to help young people – for free – to realize their business dreams.

Find out more about Nathan and his business on Facebook @nathanryanphotography, and on Instagram @nathanryanphotoraphy.

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