Meet Your Coordinator — Alyssa Maidment, Metro Business Opportunities!

What’s your name?
Alyssa Maidment

What Youth Ventures site are you based out of?
Metro Business Opportunities operating in the St. John’s and Mount Pearl area.

What are some of your favourite hobbies?
 Reading, baking, crafting, and spending time outside

What’s your favourite movie?
Frozen 2

What is your favourite band/artist?
Taylor Swift

What is your favourite restaurant?
Jungle Jims

Do you have any pets?
Sadly no pets at the moment!

What is a fun fact about you?
I recently graduated from Memorial University in April with a Bachelor of Commerce with a marketing concentration and interest in entrepreneurship and regional development.

What does entrepreneurship mean to you?
To me, entrepreneurship means taking something you are really passionate about to turn your hobbies and interests into something that can make a difference. It means taking your life into your own hands and taking the risk to start something that is completely your own.

What is the coolest business you heard of?
The coolest business I have ever heard of would be an old ambulance that was converted into a mobile clinic in Nova Scotia to travel to rural communities to deliver flu shots. I think that is such a great way to make important services accessible to rural areas.

What are you looking forward to most this summer?

I’m looking forward to meeting lots of new people this summer and helping provide support to help youth start their own small businesses!

What are some interesting business opportunities you see in your region?
There are so many business opportunities in the St. John’s and Mount Pearl region! Some of the opportunities I see include handmade personalized items (such as t-shirts, mugs, artwork, etc.), jewelry, baked goods, and lawn care/maintenance services.

What do youth in NL need to know about Youth Ventures?
Youth Ventures is here to help youth between the ages of 12-29 with any aspect of starting a small business from idea generation to business plan writing to marketing. We can help assist you in launching your small business or even provide support to small businesses currently operating.

What is a piece of advice you have for people of any age who are considering starting a business?
Your business idea doesn’t have to be perfect to get started. All you need is the drive to get started and you will be able to develop your idea to become a great business idea! You don’t need to have an exact vision of how you’re going to run your business from the start. That will come with time. Starting your own business is also a great way to grow and develop your personal and professional skills in a fun and exciting way! 

How can people get in touch with you if they’d like to talk about starting a business?
My office is located at 961 Topsail Road, Suite C in Mount Pearl, NL. My phone contact is 709-738-1626 and my e-mail is

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