Meet Your Coordinator: Breana Tobin – Metro Business Opportunities 

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What is your name? 

Breana Tobin 

What Youth Ventures site are you based out of? 

Metro Business Opportunities 

What are some of your favourite hobbies? 

Some of my hobbies include taking my dog for walks and driving around listening to music. 

What’s your favourite movie? 

My favourite movie is The Lion King 

What is your favourite band/artist? 

My favourite artist is Luke Combs 

What is your favourite restaurant? 

My favourite restaurant is Jungle Jim’s 

Do you have any pets? 

A Mini Goldendoodle puppy named Milo 

What is a fun fact about you? 

I was born in Brampton, Ontario but moved to Newfoundland when I was 6 years old.  

What’s one local business you admire? Why do you admire it? 

One local business I admire is Born and Bread NL. I admire this business because the owner is hardworking, creative, and always produces amazing products! 

What does entrepreneurship mean to you? 

Entrepreneurship to me means turning a passion into something more. Entrepreneurship gives people the opportunity to take their interests and turn them into a business through hard work and dedication.  

What are you looking forward to most this summer? 

I am looking forward to working with youth in my region and helping them develop and reach their business goals. 

What are some interesting business opportunities you see in your region? 

There is a wide variety of business opportunities in my region that range from baked goods, tutoring services, arts and crafts, yard work, and more.  

What do youth in NL need to know about Youth Ventures? 

Youth Ventures is a free program that is here to guide the youth in NL toward meeting their business goals.  

What is a piece of advice you have for people of any age who are considering starting a Business? 

Don’t be afraid to turn your business ideas into a reality. Choose something that you love and would enjoy spending a lot of time doing. Believe in yourself and your idea.  

How can people get in touch with you if they’d like to talk? 


961 Topsail Road, Mount Pearl 

(709) 738-1626 

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