Meet Your Coordinator: Caleb Mercer – CBDC Trinity Conception  

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What’s your name? 

My name is Caleb Mercer

What Youth Ventures site are you based out of?

I am working with CBDC Trinity Conception, based out of Carbonear. 

 What are some of your favourite hobbies?

Some of my favorite hobbies are working on my car or reading. 

 What’s your favourite movie? 

My favorite movie is Interstellar. 

What is your favourite band/artist? 

Arctic Monkeys 

What is your favourite restaurant?

I don’t have a favorite restaurant, but I love Tim Horton’s! 

 Do you have any pets? 

I Have a cat, dog, bearded dragon, and a hamster! 

What is a fun fact about you?

A fun fact about me is that I traveled to compete in many different high levels of football! 

What’s one local business you admire? Why do you admire it? 

One local business that I admire would be the Newfoundland Distillery CO. Beyond their amazing products, the Newfoundland Distillery Co. actively engages with the community by hosting events, partnering with local artisans, and promoting other local businesses. They have become a gathering place for locals and tourists alike, showcasing the vibrant culture and entrepreneurship of our region. 

 What does entrepreneurship mean to you? 

Entrepreneurship, to me, means embracing the opportunity to transform ideas into tangible realities, taking calculated risks, and relentlessly pursuing innovation and growth. 

 What are you looking forward to most this summer? 

I am most looking forward to reuniting with some old faces and picking up the program from where I left it last season! 

What are some interesting business opportunities you see in your region? 

Photography due to our local scenery in the Trinity Conception area which is very distinct from the rest of the province. As well due to the number of events we host in the region I would say that snow cones or similar treats are a great venture to endure in! 

What do youth in NL need to know about Youth Ventures? 

Youth in NL need to know that Youth Ventures is not just a program; it’s a life-changing opportunity waiting to be seized. It’s a platform that empowers them to unleash their entrepreneurial spirit, discover their unique talents, and turn their dreams into thriving ventures. 

What is a piece of advice you have for people of any age who are considering starting a business?

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step! Take the first step, you never know where it could lead. 

 How can people get in touch with you if they’d like to talk about starting a business?

They can email me at Trinity@youthventuresnl.com or call at (709) 596-3052 

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