Meet Your Coordinator — Madelyn Smith, Rising Sun Developers Inc.!

What’s your name?
Madelyn Smith

What Youth Ventures site are you based out of?
St. Anthony/Rising Sun Developers

What are some of your favourite hobbies?
Some of my hobbies include hiking, creating/doing fitness classes, playing tug of war with my puppy, gardening and swimming! I also enjoy baking!

What’s your favourite movie?
Mama Mia or Perks of being a wallflower

What is your favourite band/artist?
The lumineers or Mumford and Sons

What is your favourite restaurant?
A local small business in Antigonish called ‘The Townhouse’

Do you have any pets?
I am an aunt to a goldendoodle named Oliver

What is a fun fact about you?
I  recently got my group fitness certification meaning I am officially certified to teach fitness which I am super excited about!

What does entrepreneurship mean to you?
As mentioned above I recently got my Group fitness certification so I have been using this opportunity as a youth ventures coordinator to become more informed about what it means to be an entrepreneur and how I am going to achieve starting my own fitness business.

What is the coolest business you heard of?
A cafe that has a hot tub and a sauna in it along with a yoga studio called the Grindhouse located in Antigonish, NS. 

What are you looking forward to most this summer?

I come from a kinesiology health background rather than a business background meaning every meeting, participant and business plan is a new learning experience to me! I am most excited to learn more about what it means to own your own business and help individuals achieve their  business goals

What are some interesting business opportunities you see in your region?
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the gym in the area shut down with no set open date. Due to this reason I believe fitness classes of any type held outside or in an area where social distancing can be maintained would do very well!

What do youth in NL need to know about Youth Ventures?
Youth need to know what a great resource Youth Ventures is! Especially those youth whose dream is to own their own business. Youth ventures offer multiple different resources such as a loan to get their businesses off the ground along with one on one counseling with trained individuals. Youth Ventures doesn’t just stop there they provide continued assistance in creating a business plan, social media exposure along with so much more! They help you every step of the way

What is a piece of advice you have for people of any age who are considering starting a business?
Be creative! Don’t let others rain on your parade and find an idea you are passionate about!

How can people get in touch with you if they’d like to talk about starting a business?

I am available through email and phone which will be listed down below! My office is located within the town hall next to the library if you would like to meet in person! E-mail: Phone number: (902)-714-5146

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