Meet Your Coordinator: Sabrina Holloway – CBDC Eastern 

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What is your name?  

Sabrina Holloway  

What Youth Ventures site are you based out of?  

CBDC Eastern in Clarenville, NL  

What are some of your favourite hobbies? 

My favourite hobbies are crafting, gardening, and outdoor activities such as kayaking, side by side, quad, and snowmobile.  

What is your favourite movie? 

Fast and Furious Series 

What is your favourite band/artist? 

Luke Bryan  

What is your favourite restaurant? 

Pizza Delight  

Do you have any pets? 

Yes, I love animals. I have two Maltese dogs named Trixie and Tye. A cat named Nala.  

Fun fact about you? 

I love helping and watching people succeed!  

What does entrepreneurship mean to you? 

To me entrepreneurship means taking the risk to become successful by starting your own business. 

What is the coolest business you have heard of? 

I admire Shagg Clothing due to living by an island named Shagg Island. This local brand name clothing represents the island surrounding my community. 

What are you looking forward to most this summer? 

Interacting with youth in my region while helping them start their own business. I’m happy to be back for another season as a Youth Ventures Coordinator. I can’t wait to have another fun summer with you all! 

What are some interesting business opportunities you see for young entrepreneurs in your region? 

There are lots of cool business ideas you can come up with to start a business such as photography, art, crafting, babysitting, baking, knitting, dog sitting, or any creative business you’re interested in creating. The Farm and Market in Clarenville is popular for participants to showcase and sell their work while networking in the community.  Participants can sell their products on Facebook Marketplace or the Clarenville and Area Online Yard Sale page or an online yard sale page for your community. I would suggest creating a Facebook business page to sell and advertise your work. There are always local craft fairs in the area you can sign up to attend as well.  

What do youth in NL need to know about Youth Ventures? 

Youth Ventures is a FREE program in Newfoundland and Labrador! Reach out, we can help you start your business even if your only interested in a summer hobby. We can help with business plans, ideas, marketing, networking, mentorship, and counselling sessions. We can turn your interest and passion into a fun money-making venture. I will be around the Clarenville region at events so drop by and have a chat. I’m sure most of you know me from last year so don’t be afraid to reach out. No idea is considered too small.  

You can get started by clicking on the link below.  


In addition, be sure to check out upcoming events, updates, giveaways, and more on CBDC Eastern Facebook’s business page.  

Like the page by clicking on the link below to stay up to date on events and info in your news feed. 


What is a piece of advice you have for people of any age who are considering starting a business? 

Just do it! Take the risk. Never be afraid of starting something new. If you don’t succeed you will always learn from your mistakes to become successful. If you’re not sure how to start up, get in contact with me, I can help. If I had my time back, I would have got involved in Youth Ventures when I was younger. This is a great opportunity for a youth looking to start out in the working field.  

How can people contact you if they would like to talk about starting a business? (Please include site address, work number and your YV email) 

You can get in contact with me by dropping by CBDC Eastern 76A Manitoba Drive Clarenville, NL A5A 1K6, phone (709) 466-1170, or email eastern@youthventuresnl.com. I would love to see and hear from you. 

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