Youth Ventures Success Stories — Meet Luke Hudson & Owen Hudson

We are excited to share the 2020 Excellence in Arts & Tourism Winners, Luke Hudson and Owen Hudson for their business, Cookie Bosses!

Here’s their story…

In the Beginning

Luke and Owen love treats and making crafts. They also wanted a way to earn money. So when they paired their two goals together, Cookie Bosses was created! 

Soon after the idea became a business, they started to collect all the supplies they would need to find success, including gathering cookie supplies and finding the perfect pieces of driftwood for their creations.


Why Entrepreneurship?

Luke and Owen knew that anything they created was something great — they could tell from all of the positive comments that they received from happy customers. After realizing that people enjoyed their treats and crafts, they wanted the ability to keep creating more and to make their own decisions, “with help from our parents, of course!” laughs Luke and Owen.“Another reason I love owning a business is that I can set my own hours,” Shana says excitedly. “I can do things at my own pace.”


Making it Happen with Youth Ventures

Youth Ventures helped Cookie Bosses by developing posters, advertising on Facebook, leading training sessions, and for always being there to answer any questions that they had.

After being empowered by Youth Ventures, Luke and Owen now state that their dream is to “continue to make our products the best we can and be able to make money.”


What’s Next

Their business plan is working and they continue to have happy customers. Luke and Owen have continued to find success, but are staying modest about their plans moving forward. Humility is a virtue with entrepreneurship! For now, the owners of Cookie Bosses want “to keep working hard and maintaining our success.”


Moment of Reflection

Luke and Owen have already learned some of the keys to success with Cookie Bosses. If they were to give one piece of advice to others interested in entrepreneurship, it would be as follows: “Never give up on what you want to do.” shares Luke and Owen happily. 

You can purchase Luke Hudson and Owen Hudson’s tasty treats and delightful driftwood crafts by contacting either of their mothers, Mary Butt Hudson or Joanne Dorey, on Facebook.

Thank you for sharing your story, Luke and Owen, – your Youth Ventures family wishes you all the best in everything you do in the future!

Stay tuned for the next Success Story. Until then, let’s keep makin’ lemonade!