Youth Ventures Success Stories: Meet Aaron Hull, YV Coordinator 

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We are excited to flip the script with this story! Introducing the 2021 Star Coordinator Award Winner, Aaron Hull!

Here’s Aaron’s story…

In the Beginning

Aaron is from Springdale, NL, and he joined Youth Ventures as a Coordinator in 2020. Currently, he is in his 3rd year of Business Administration at Memorial University, hoping to transfer to the Bachelor of Commerce program.

Aaron says, “I’ve always had a passion for entrepreneurship. However, I never went through with any of the ideas [. . .]. For me, being a coordinator with the Youth Ventures program was personal. I wanted to ensure that no youth followed my footsteps. I wanted them to know that entrepreneurship is for anyone. I wanted to motivate the kids that were like me to pursue their ideas instead of watching the opportunity pass.”

Life as a Coordinator

According to Aaron, coordinators play a huge role in the Youth Ventures programming. He explains that the whole program is delivered by the coordinators, and the autonomy of the position has taught him greater discipline, self-motivation, and organizational skills. Aaron has been involved in planning events, delivering presentations, reaching out to potential participants, meeting with clients, developing marketing initiatives, attending team meetings, creating resources, gaining exposure for the program, and more! Wow!

He explains that, “you’re not just a coordinator, you’re a motivator. Consistently ensure your participants that what they are doing is incredible. The world needs more youth entrepreneurs and it is important that they know they are supported and valued.”

Leadership, Growth, and a Bright Future

Aaron believes that entrepreneurship is so important not only for developing life skills, financial skills, and the economy of our province, but also to teach youth to pursue things they are passionate about!

Aaron states that, “the program provides youth with life skills and experiences that will make them great contributing members of society regardless of what they do. Entrepreneurship is a great way to learn how to overcome hardships and learn skills such as dedication, motivation, discipline, organization, time-management, and more which are important to any career.”

Working with Youth Ventures has definitely solidified Aaron’s goal to start his own successful business. He’s learned that young entrepreneurs never have to work alone, there are always great programs and supports like Youth Ventures to help! He is currently working with Memorial’s Centre for Entrepreneurship to make his entrepreneurial dreams a reality and, within the next few seasons, he may even be a Youth Ventures participant himself!

Being Inspired and Paying it Forward

Aaron is so proud to be part of an organization like Youth Ventures that exists to empower young people! He is very passionate about entrepreneurship, so helping young people bring their business ideas to life and guiding them to success is an incredibly rewarding feeling. He takes pride in helping participants step outside their comfort zones and believe in their ideas!

For those considering applying for a Youth Ventures Coordinator position, Aaron has these enthusiastic words: “[This is quite] possibly the greatest summer job you can have. [. . .] With the intrinsically rewarding aspect of helping youth, the autonomy, connections, opportunities for advancement, amazing co-workers, and more, you will not regret becoming a coordinator with the Youth Ventures program.”

Thank you for sharing your story, Aaron – your Youth Ventures family is proud to continue supporting you as you pursue your future goals!

Thank you for tuning in to another Success Story! Until next time, let’s keep Makin’ Lemonade!

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