Youth Ventures Success Stories — Meet Alexandra Antle 

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We are excited to share the 2020 Excellence in Marketing Winner, Alexandra Antle for her business, Bunchberry Beadwork!

Here’s Alexandra’s story…

In the Beginning

Alexandra has a passion for sharing experiences through her beadwork. This ultimately transformed into offering a variety of beaded pieces including jewelry, accessories, and art that is featured in art exhibitions across Newfoundland and Labrador! Currently, Alexandra’s pieces are exclusively available online so that any interested customer can own a piece of contemporary art.


Why Entrepreneurship?

We all have a unique desire for starting our own business, and for Bunchberry Beadwork, the reasons are rooted in education. Alexandra happily states the desire is “to share the Mi’kmaq culture with people and to combat stereotypes of indigenous people.” 

To share knowledge and experience is critical to Alexandra, along with having the freedom to focus on whichever projects that Alexandra wants to express the most.


Making it Happen with Youth Ventures

Youth Ventures helps ensure that all entrepreneurs are equipped with the necessary resources to succeed. For Alexandra, Youth Ventures was able to offer assistance with developing a business plan and connecting with the appropriate partners. 


What’s Next

Alexandra is focused on what’s ahead for Bunchberry Beadwork. After experiencing such successes as selling out of products online and being accepted to art showcases, the next step ahead is right around the corner. Alexandra will be a FARR Artist in Residence with Eastern Edge and attending the Art Exhibition at the Rotary Arts Centre in Corner Brook in October.

“I would love to practice art full time in the future.” shares Alexandra enthusiastically. In the meantime, Alexandra says that “I will focus on building up stock for my e-commerce store.”


Moment of Reflection

Alexandra’s advice for those who wish to become an entrepreneur is simple: “Focus on balancing your time to avoid burnout.” To continue to provide beautiful, high-quality pieces, you must ensure that you do not stress on or focus on one thing for too long. Take time to separate from your work by going for a walk in nature or breathing in fresh air from the ocean.

You can purchase Alexandra’s exceptional beaded products by visiting her website at bunchberrybeadwork.ca.

Thank you for sharing your story, Alexandra, – your Youth Ventures family wishes you all the best in everything you do in the future!

Stay tuned for the next Success Story. Until then, let’s keep makin’ lemonade!

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