Youth Ventures Success Stories – Meet Alyssa Barrett!

Welcome back to our Youth Ventures Success Stories blog — we’re excited to introduce you to Alyssa Barrett! Alyssa received our 2019 Trailblazer of the Year and her business, Candy Treasures by Alyssa, is a sweet dream come true. Read more about Alyssa’s story…



In the beginning

Alyssa Barrett is a 16-year-old entrepreneur from Old Perlican, Newfoundland. She started her original business A&K Candy Boutique in 2016, focusing on creating custom ‘occasion’ candy bouquets for customers in the Trinity Bay/Conception Bay Area. 

Rebranded to Candy Treasures by Alyssa in 2018 and expanded to availability across the Avalon, her offerings have increased to include cotton candy, snow cones, candy buffets, theatre-style popcorn, candy apples, and her ‘famous’ gourmet homemade caramel apples. Her most recent additions? Glo Cone Cotton Candy (cotton candy on an LED-lit candy stick) and popcorn with flavoured candy glazes. 

Why entrepreneurship?

While Alyssa says that while she was always inspired by thoughts of owning her own business, her ‘ah-ha!’ moment came in 2016 after a Youth Ventures Coordinator’s presentation at her school. 

“Ever since I was younger I aspired to be an entrepreneur,” she recalls. “My parents were always very supportive of my dream. when Youth Ventures did a presentation at my school I instantly knew I wanted to have a business venture of my own.”  

Making it happen with Youth Ventures

Alyssa’s grateful to her Mom, who has always been her biggest supporter and collaborator. She also credits Youth Ventures with helping her bring her vision to life from the ground up. 

“Youth Ventures helped me since the beginning with my business plan, with marketing and designing posters and business cards. It was great having someone to help me reach out to local customers,” she says. “Youth Ventures Coordinators helped me set up events and spread the word — it all helped make my business a success!”


What’s next?

According to Alyssa, the sky’s the limit!  She’s excited about engaging with youth in her community, continuing her fundraising efforts for charitable organizations like Ronald MacDonald House, and serving as a role model and mentor for other young entrepreneurs.

“I hope to be an inspiration to other youth in my area,” shares Alyssa. “I want them to know that you’re never too young to become an entrepreneur and turn your ideas into a business!” 



What a story! 


Thanks for sharing your story, Alyssa — your Youth Ventures family is proud to keep supporting you as you build your business dreams.


Stay tuned for the next blog in our Success Stories series…until then, let’s keep Makin’ Lemonade!