Youth Ventures Success Stories — Meet Cahley Warren

We are excited to share the 2020 Trailblazer of the Year Winner, Cahley Warren for her business, Stowaway Succulents!

Here is Cahley’s story…

In the Beginning

Cahley Warren has had a green thumb for gardening but soon realized that many plants required plenty of maintenance. After learning of a new species that was easy to care for, a light bulb flickered in her mind to share this with everyone! Now, she sells a variety of indoor plants using eco-friendly packaging and is keen on informing the public against the importation of plants.

“When I was introduced to succulents, I fell in love,” says Cahley. “And now I want to share that love with everyone else!”


Why Entrepreneurship?

Cahley made her own discoveries about plants and felt that it needed to be shared with other Newfoundlanders and Labradorians. Noticing an opening in the market, Cahley was overwhelmed but excited to start her venture. Her goal is to inform the public about these wonderful plants and increase confidence in those who wish to care for them.


Making it Happen with Youth Ventures

The Youth Ventures team has helped Stowaway Succulents grow by providing knowledge and resources to take the first step. After initially struggling with developing the motivation needed to put pen to paper, Cahley is now thriving with business cards and a growing social media following!


What’s Next

Stowaway Succulents is focused on increasing its product offerings significantly. Cahley has already secured additional species that have yet to be put up for sale, so keep an eye out on the Facebook page for these new plants! 

Beyond products, Cahley is focused on raising awareness. “My dream for Stowaway Succulents is to spread awareness about eco-friendly business practices and convincing the public to buy plants that are locally grown by people like myself.”


Moment of Reflection

Stowaway Succulents has already experienced success as she has had to create a waiting list of customers for her succulents. It demonstrates that people are excited about plants the same way that Cahley is. 

Looking back on her success, Cahley has some words of wisdom for others who have a passion of their own. “Don’t second guess yourself,” says Cahley. “If you have your heart set on starting a business, there is no point in being afraid to start.”

You can purchase Cahley’s wide range of succulents by visiting her on Facebook at @SucculentsCarbonear.

Thank you for sharing your story, Cahley – your Youth Ventures family wishes you all the best in everything you do in the future!

Stay tuned for the next Success Story. Until then, let’s keep makin’ lemonade!