Youth Ventures Success Stories: Meet Devon Brook 

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We are excited to share the 2021 Community Impact Winner, Devon Brook for his business, Nifty Artz!

Here’s Devon’s story…

In the Beginning

Devon’s artistic talent caught the attention of the people around him, so he felt encouraged to try and make a living from his art! He combined his love of Newfoundland scenery with his passion for helping others, and Nifty Artz was born! Now he can continue to pursue art, while raising money for not-for-profit organizations.

Why Entrepreneurship?

Devon chose to start Nifty Artz to share his art with the world and hopefully brighten someone’s day. He took his sincere wish to the next level and decided to donate some of his profits to charitable organizations! His talent and generosity certainly paid off!

Devon describes Nifty Artz as “a unique youth business venture in that it is guided by a social mission. Whether it’s improving the lives of people, animals, or the environment, I use my artistic talent combined with a love for Newfoundland scenery to make the world a better place.”

Making it Happen with Youth Ventures

For Devon, joining Youth Ventures gave him all the tools he needed to start his own business. From guiding him through his first steps, to connecting him with markets, to helping him grow his customer base, Youth Ventures made sure he had the right training and opportunities.

What’s Next

Devon’s next goal for Nifty Artz is to grow his online presence to increase sales of his artworks to build on the great work he has already accomplished!

Devon says, “I believe my biggest success is my ability to help others through various non profit organizations every year while still making money for myself.”

Moment of Reflection

Devon’s words of encouragement for other young entrepreneurs is sweet and simple: “Never doubt your capabilities.”

For Devon, his business venture, Nifty Artz grew from believing in his artistic abilities and believing in his power to help others!

Nifty Artz products can be purchased online by direct message on Facebook and Instagram, or in person at Youth Ventures markets!

Be sure to follow Devon’s business on Facebook (Nifty Artz) and Instagram (@niftyartz) to see all his latest artworks!

Thank you for sharing your story, Devon – your Youth Ventures family wishes you all the best in everything you do in the future!

Stay tuned for the next Success Story. Until then, let’s keep Makin’ Lemonade!

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