Youth Ventures Success Stories – Meet Matthew Lawrence!

We’re excited to introduce you to another successful Youth Ventures participant, Matthew Lawrence of TutorNL. Matthew is the recipient of the Youth Venture of the Year Award 2019 and he’s showing no signs of slowing down. Read on to learn Matthew’s story…


In the beginning

Matthew Lawrence is a 21-year-old entrepreneur from Conception Bay South (CBS), Newfoundland. He founded his business, TutorNL, in 2017 with the help of Youth Ventures. TutorNL’s 42-member team offers educational services including private tutoring, review booklets & group review sessions to students in need of help with finding their learning groove. 

Matthew says that founding TutorNL wasn’t just about creating a business for profit; he chose the education services field because he’s always been passionate about solving problems and helping others. When we asked him what his goal for his business was, he said it was simple: “To help students in every way possible”!


Why entrepreneurship?

Matthew was interested in entrepreneurship from a young age. “I always found the idea of taking something and growing it into your own vision extremely fascinating,” remembers Matthew. 

As a student of Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Matthew recognized the need for greater access to educational services in the growing town of CBS. He ‘connected the dots’ between the seed of a business idea and a market need and his vision for TutorsNL was born.

Making it happen with Youth Ventures

Matthew knew he’d need help making his dream a reality. The Town of CBS steered him toward the Community Business Development Corporation (CBDC) for help with planning. When CBDC recommended Youth Ventures as a great place to start, his adventure began.

“Youth Ventures helped us make sure we were always on top of our Business Plan and heading in the right direction,” says Matthew. “They were always available to answer any questions that I had related to business. It was great knowing that I had a place to turn to when I needed advice and guidance.”

What’s next?

Matthew’s business is thriving — he’s enjoying the day-to-day while planning for the future. “My team and my clients are what excite and motivate me,” shares Matthew enthusiastically. “I never consider myself ‘working’ because we have so much fun and we have an amazing group of clients who continue to push us forward.”

Owning a business is opening doors and creating opportunities for Matthew. He’s a Member of the Business Improvement Association Board for Downtown Conception Bay South, is involved with multiple community events, and is meeting lots of other entrepreneurs. 

Where does he see himself in the future? Living that #BusinessLife and finding ways to incorporate his professional field. “I see myself continuing with entrepreneurship and potentially integrating Mechanical Engineering Degree with business. I see myself becoming involved in many more business opportunities!”


Are you feeling as inspired as we are? Wow! 

Thanks for sharing your story, Matthew — your Youth Ventures family wishes you continued success in everything you do! 


Stay tuned for the next blog in our Success Stories series…until then, let’s keep makin’ lemonade!