Youth Ventures Success Stories: Meet Matthias Young 

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We are excited to share our 2021 Excellence in Customer Service Winner, Matthias Young for his business, Ferocious Industries!

Here’s Matthias’ story…

In the Beginning

For Matthias, video games are an all-encompassing art form. One of his role models, Roger Morash said, “If something can be imagined, it can be created in a video-game. [. . .] it is the ultimate form of freedom, of expression of ideas.”

Matthias says that, “Games today have immense emotional power [. . .]. I have always loved games, and my love has strengthened, and evolved into the positive things people can take away from stories. Not just games, but stories.”

Ferocious Industries, a modern 3D video game developer, is the result of Matthias’ love of video games. He is a variety designer, writer, and artist.

Why Entrepreneurship?

Directing his own studio, Ferocious Industries, gives Matthias the freedom to bring his ideas to life! Whether he is coming up with a new idea, or even changing his mind, the best thing about working independently is the ability to move at the speed of his own creativity.

Matthias explains: “If I have an idea, or I realize I can make something better, [. . .] I just do it. [. . .] I will not let good ideas go to waste. Knowing that in my heart, words cannot describe how comfortable and motivated that makes me feel.”

Making it Happen with Youth Ventures

Though at the moment his fan base is small, Matthias is busy honing his craft. Ferocious Studios is developing a game called Riptide over the next couple years, with dozens of other game ideas waiting in the wings. Matthias also participates in international game development competitions like the Ludum Dare Game Jam, where he scored in the top 25 percentile after making a game from scratch in 72 hours!

What’s Next

Matthias has big dreams for Ferocious Industries! He attained his first goal, learning every aspect of game design inside and out, allowing him to work on building his fan and customer base and hopefully have more of his games available on online platforms like Steam. His long term goal is to continually grow his business so he can eventually hire and direct a full team! Matthias even has an ambition to one day have a 3D printing studio to design and print everything from video games character figures to prosthetic limbs and airplane parts!

Moment of Reflection

Matthias has two pieces of advice for potential entrepreneurs: firstly, “. . . don’t quit if you’re passionate about it. Projects will fail, but the important thing is what you take away from them” and secondly: “. . . accept failure as something good. It should help you understand what to do, and what not to do next time. I’ve never had a second attempt be worse than the first.”

Ferocious Industries concepts, designs, and games can be enjoyed online at: www.ferociousindustries.com. Matthias currently offers free consultations and advice for customers and other industry professionals via his website and his Discord account.

Check out Matthias’ work, like concepts for his current project, Riptide, on Twitter (@FerociousIndus1) and Instagram (@ferociousindustries)!

Thank you for sharing your story, Matthias – your Youth Ventures family wishes you all the best in everything you do in the future!

Stay tuned for the next Success Story. Until then, let’s keep Makin’ Lemonade!

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