22nd Annual Youth Ventures Awards Celebrates NL’s Young Entrepreneurs 

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Venture of the Year

This award is given to the business that was overall the most successful and well-established business of that year. This business is quite visible, profitable, well known and the participant usually works full time. The nature of the business usually has the potential for longevity.

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Excellence in Financial Management

This award is given to a business with outstanding financial record keeping. The nomination materials should show how the business owner used any profit, repaid loans or ran a cost-effective business.

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Excellence in Marketing

This award will be given to the business that used outstanding marketing to develop the business’s brand. Creativity in attracting customers and determining pricing are examples of excellent marketing initiatives.

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Outstanding Venture (17yrs & Under)

This award will go to a business owned by a youth, 17 years and under, who has experienced significant achievement during the current year and stands out amongst the crowd. By reading the application, the judges should get a good understanding of what makes this particular business different and exceptional.

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Excellence in Customer Service

This award will go to the business that is outstanding in going over and above what is required in the area of customer service. In this award both letters of support should come from customers.  This business usually promotes customer service as the cornerstone to its success.

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Trailblazer of the Year

This award will be given to a business that shows unique and forward-thinking which leads the way for others whether it be a new method they implemented to achieve success in their business or as a new industry in their region.

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Excellence in Arts & Tourism

Businesses eligible for this category delivery a product or service in the visual and performing arts or cater to the culture and tourism industry. Businesses should demonstrate what makes them unique and how they excel in their industry.

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Community Impact in Honor of Nevaeh Denine

This award was established to honor the memory of Nevaeh Denine. This award goes to a recipient that is truly making a difference in their community. The recipient inspires others to engage in activities that encourage leadership, foster social responsibility and contribute to the well-being of their community.

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Star Coordinator

This award goes to the Site Coordinator that has shown initiative and outstanding efforts in the delivery of Youth Ventures in their area. This nomination should be completed by a staff member of the Delivery Site and should outline all activities that the Coordinator undertook to better serve their participants. Activities should include any combination of the following: creative marketing activities that generate awareness of the program, exceptional dedication to solving participant issues, the achievement of two out of three Site Goals, etc. This nomination should consist of a letter of support and proof of achievements.

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Mentor of the Year

This award is given to an individual from the community that has shown tremendous support to one or more Youth Ventures participants. This Mentor respects students’ ambitions and helps them achieve their goals. He/she actively guides the YV participants in their decisions and provides a good model of professionalism. This award will require a letter of support from either the Site Coordinator or another staff member and a letter of support from a participant.

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